Strain Gage Installation: Gage Bonding
engineering fundamentals Strain Gage Installation: Gage Bonding
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Gage Bonding

- Preparation: Wash hands with soap and water. Clean the working desk area and all related tools with solvent or degreasing agent.
- Preparing Gage: Carefully open the folder containing the gage. Use a tweezer, not bare hands, to grasp the gage. Avoid touching the grid. Place on the clean working area with the bonding side down.
- Transferring Gage: Use a proper length, about 15 cm (6 in), of cellophane tape to pick up the strain gage and transfer it to the gaging area of the specimen. Align the gage with the layout lines. Press one end of the tape to the specimen, then smoothly and gently apply the whole tape and gage into position.

- Applying Catalyst: Lift one end of the tape such that the gage does not contact the gaging area and the bonding site is exposed. Apply catalyst evenly and gently on the gage.
- Applying Adhesive: Apply enough adhesive to provide sufficient coverage under the gage for proper adhesion. (Determining "sufficient" might require some trial and error iterations). Place the tape and the gage back to the specimen smoothly and gently. Immediately place thumb over the gage and apply firm and steady pressure on the gage for at least one minute.
- Removing Tape: Leave the tape in place at least two more minutes after the thumb was removed. Peel the tape from the specimen slowly and smoothly from one end to the other end.
Note: Some adhesives require mixing two compounds vigorously for a sufficient time, usually 5 minutes. Others require longer curing time up to 24 hours and/or higher temperature, usually by blowing hot air using a heat gun or placing in an oven. Some applications require higher clamping pressure as high as 350 kPa (50 psi). Please consult with the technical notes from the vendor for the right process parameters.

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