Strain Gage Installation: Preparation
engineering fundamentals Strain Gage Installation: Preparation
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Surface Preparation

- Cleaning Surface: Remove grease and oil on the specimen surface by solvent, e.g., Alcohol, Acetone, or some other degreasing agent.
- Abrading Surface: Use silicon-carbide paper to sand away uneven surface, paint, or rust and smooth the gaging area. Usually 320 grit first, follow by 400 or finer grit. Do not over abrade.
- Marking Layout Lines: Use a clean rule and a fine pencil (2H or harder) or ball-point pen to draw the layout lines, usually a dash-cross, a cross skip the targeting strain gage area, for alignment.
- Conditioning: Re-clean the gaging area.
- Neutralizing: This is an optional step. A proper neutralizer will provide the right pH level at the specimen surface for better bonding with adhesive.

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