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A company is only as good as the people who stand behind its products.

For over 40 years AA Electric has been providing controls and technical expertise to original equipment manufacturers and industrial customers.

AA offers customized engineering support services, knowledgeable inside and outside sales assistance, training at their facility or your site, and cross reference assistance for long lead time components.

With over $3,000,000 of specialty electrical products in stock, AA is committed to providing the most innovative products and control systems in the industry. Orders placed before 3:30 P.M. are shipped the same day.

AA Electric is your single source for machine control and automation specialty electrical products.

AA Services Available to You:

•Blanket Orders with Scheduled Releases

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•Same Day Shipping

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Turck Uprox+® Senses all Metals at More Range
Turck's new patented PCB multicoil technology delivers a new benchmark for metals detection. With higher levels of EMC, inherent magnetic and weld field immunity. Greater durability. And the flexibility of flush, or even recessed embedding. Uprox+® also offers the widest variety of sensor profiles, including new and unique housing forms for applications once thought impossible—all guaranteed for the lifetime of your application. uprox+: it’s sensing technology generations ahead of anything else on earth.

Uprox+® sensors utilize the proven performance of our original Uprox® sensors to detect materials such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and brass without a reduction in the rated sensing distance of the sensor. However, the Uprox+ sensors incorporate a variety of design enhancements that will set new standards for metal detection.

TURCK has developed a newly patented multicoil system for the Uprox+ product line that replaces the conventional wound coil system used in the previous generation of sensors. This results in extraordinary sensing distances (up to 250 percent higher than conventional ferrite core inductive sensors) in a Factor 1 sensor. In addition to the extended sensing ranges, all Uprox+ sensors have an environmental rating of IP 68.

Not only does the new generation of Uprox+ sensors offer unrivaled performance, they also give TURCK the flexibility to incorporate this technology in several new housing designs that solves a number of unique customer applications. Whether for the automotive industry, machine engineering, or for transport and handling applications, our new Uprox+ sensors provide a product that incorporates all of your sensing requirements.

-Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition > Sensor Transmitters

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Liquid Tight Non-Metallic Strain Relief Connector
If you do not wish to use your hands, you can of course work with a spanner wrench or SKINTAMTIC® RZ tool. Either way, with SKINTOP® you can achieve maximum reliability.

SKINTOP® SLN/SLRN is a liquid tight, durable, easy to assemble strain relief cable connector that is universally suited for all types of machinery & equipment, including automation, motion control and robotics.

The heavy duty SKINTOP® design provides great pullout strength and very reliable strain relief. Available in PG, NPT and Metric thread sizes, as well as a dome top and flex version for additional strain-relief, SKINTOP® nylon cord grips have a patented design for ease of use. With international approvals such as UL, CSA, VDE, SEV, and NEMA 6, the SKINTOP® is recognized around the world as an excellent way of securing a cable connection. A chemical resistant version (SKINTOP® CR) is also available. ATEX versions are available for hazardous areas.

In addition to the nylon versions, the metallic SKINTOP® line has recently obtained UL and NEMA 6 approvals. Made of nickel-plated brass with a neoprene bushing, these cord grips are ideally suited for use in applications where durability is required.

Also receiving UL and NEMA 6 approvals is the SKINTOP® MS-SC cable grounding connector. This connector is intended for use with shielded cables, to solve EMI/RFI concerns.

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Machine Tools

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Powerful Web Enabled HMI Panel has 5 Comm Ports
The G3's data logger allows you to record process values to CompactFlash for later access in CSV format via the integrated web server, making access to historical data a breeze. The G3's powerful communications architecture provides high-performance links to an unlimited number of devices, and allows serial data to be exposed via Ethernet protocols to provide access to even the simplest devices via your enterprise network. With a blistering 32-bit processor and huge amounts of FLASH storage, the new G3 provides performance way ahead of Red Lion's acclaimed Paradigm series while still meeting your demands for ever more cost-effective solutions.

"The G3 HMIs feature the most on-board communication ports of any HMI available, and let you web- and network-enable many different types of hardware using their integrated Ethernet port," said Mike Granby, Red Lion President. "For the first time, remote users across the LAN or around the world can communicate with and control multiple devices including PLCs, PCs, drives and PID controllers." Granby added, "Now OEMs can make complete integration of their machines a reality, with a low cost HMI panel that offers remote access, multi-device data acquisition and logging, as well as event triggering-even automatic posting of logged data to a web page."

All G3 HMIs feature an integrated gateway that converts any attached device's serial protocol to on-board 10 Base T/100 Base-TX Ethernet. A built-in USB port provides data exchange with a connected PC, and CompactFlash support allows virtually unlimited data storage, free from battery concerns. One RS422/485 port and two RS232 ports are provided as standard, and each port is operable at up to 115,200 baud. One each RS232 and RS422/485 ports are available with an optional card, enabling up to five comms ports per G3 HMI.

The 8-inch G308 and 10-inch G310 HMIs are resistive analog touchscreen terminals featuring 256-color VGA displays, integrated programmable membrane keypads, and 8MB of on-board Flash memory. The G308 measures 8.18" x 10.32" x 2.2" (207.8 x 262 x 56 cm) and features seven programmable keys, while the larger G310 measures 9.50" x 12.83" x 2.2" (241.3 x 325.8 x 56 cm), features eight programmable keys, and has a sunlight visible outdoor version available.

Each G3 HMI model also includes Red Lion's powerful and intuitive Crimson 2 software at no extra charge. Crimson includes an extensive library of device drivers to quickly establish communications between the G3 and virtually any device, integrated web server, drag-and-drop data mapping and a "virtual panel" function that mirrors the HMI display to a remote PC. If a specific device driver does not exist, Red Lion will write the driver and provide it free-of-charge. Red Lion G3 HMIs start as low as $599.

-Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition > Data Recorders and Loggers

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