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Ablestik Laboratories
Ablestik is the world's leading supplier of adhesives and specialty materials for semiconductor packaging and microassembly applications.  They manufacture paste, film and printable paste adhesives and underfill encapsulants.  Headquartered in Rancho Dominguez, California, the company operates four manufacturing,sales and service locations.  Ablestik employs 500 people worldwide.

Ablestik is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Starch and Chemical Company, a member of the ICI Group.  National Starch and Chemical Company is a worldwide supplier of adhesives, specialty synthetic polymers, electronic materials, and specialty starches with sales of $3 billion.

Products Electrical, Optical, Specialty Materials, Industrial Adhesives
Address 20021 Susana Road Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221-5721
Country United States
Telephone (310) 764-4600
Fax (310) 764-2545



Related Product Categories
Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives
Organic or inorganic chemical compound for joining components. Requires clean surface compatible with the adhesive.
Electrical, Optical, and Specialty Materials
Materials such as semiconductors or composites with specialized properties for electrical, optical and specialty applications.
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