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Advantech Corporation, Industrial Automation Group

Advantech Corporation
Industrial Automation Group

Founded in 1983, the Industrial Automation Group of Advantech Corporation is the only complete PC-based Industrial Automation Solution Manufacturer offering products such as Industrial PCs, Workstations, Panel PCs, Flat Panel Monitors, Heavy Environmental PCs, Customized PCs, Single Board Computers, Data Acquisition & Control Devices and Web-enabled products for a wide array of industries.

With more than 18 years experience manufacturing industrial automation and computer-based products, Advantech's Industrial Automation Group has been consistently providing the most comprehensive industrial automation solutions, encompassing both hardware and software technologies. The major driving forces behind this growthhave been Advantech's focus on R&D and manufacturing as well as providing the best possible support to their customers.

Drawing on the talents of more than 1,800 people, Advantech operates an extensive sales and marketing network in 16 countries and 35 major cities to deliver fast time-to-market services to their worldwide customers. Today Advantech offers over 700 products and solutions, adding 30 new products each year. Contact their Sunnydale, CA office at the following numbers:Tel: (408) 331-2345 Fax: (408) 331-2323.

Products Data Acquisition Signal Conditioning, Computer Peripherals
Address 1320 Kemper Meadow Dr., Suite 500 Cincinnati, OH 45240
Country United States
Telephone (513) 742-8895
(800) 800-6889
Fax (513) 742-0554



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Displays, printers, pointing devices, disk drives, and other input or output computer devices.
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