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Axsys Technologies
AxsysTechnologies is a leading supplier of precision optical and mechanicalpositioning products used in a variety of high performance industriesincluding aerospace, defense, electronic capital equipment, and digitalimaging. With over 550 dedicated employees working in state of theart facilities, Axsys is prepared to meet its customers' demandingrequirements.

Leveraging theircombined expertise in the field of optics, electronics, servo magnetics,precision machining, system integration and softwaredesign enables Axsys to offer value added design alternatives forcontinually evolving technologies. Axsys Technologies’ products range fromOEM components based on our precision aspheric optics, high speed air-bearingscanners, ultra-precision machining and motion control capabilitiesto sophisticated electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical assembliesincorporatingthese key technologies.

Axsys provides theircustomers with complete design solutions ranging from concept to productionproducts. Theirengineering capabilities include design and tolerancing, structuraldesign, stress,shock, vibration and thermal analysis as well as electronic servosystem design.

IN DEFENSE, theirsophisticated servo magnetics, optics and structures help keep ourservicemen and -women safe by enabling night vision, missile guidancesystemsandmore.
INSPACE, their mirrors, structures and telescopesmonitor the health of our environment and seek out new worlds.
IN ELECTRONICS, their sensors and scanners make semiconductor production fast and flawless.
INHEALTH CARE, their scanners help produce diagnosticimages of unparalleled clarity, and their custom-made motor powersan artificial heart.

Products Bearings Bushings, Optical Components
Address 2909 Waterview Drive Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Country United States
Telephone (248) 293-2900
Fax (248) 293-2968



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Mechanical Components
Bearings and Bushings
Mechanical components used to reduce friction and carry loads for rotary or linear motion; include ball and roller bearings, plain bearings, sleeve bushings, and other configurations.
Optical Components
Optical Components
Optical elements including lenses, polarizers, mirrors, beamsplitters, windows, prisms, etc.
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