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Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Brookfield is the world's leading manufacturer of rotational viscometers for lab and on-line process applications. Most QC, R&D, and Process Engineering Departments make Brookfield their universal choice for viscosity measurement.

BROOKFIELD HAS NOW ENTERED THE TEXTURE ANALYSIS MARKET with a selection of instruments ideal for running compression and tension test in QC Labs and R&D Departments.

The LFRA TA, formerly known as the Stevens Texture Analyzer, was designed to measure gel strength for the original gelatin Bloom Test. Simplicity of operation and inexpensive price have led to its use in both Q C and R&D applications for assessing the texture properties of a wide variety of materials, both food and non-food.

The QTS 25 is Brookfield's top-of-the-line Texture Analyzer offering universal test capability in both compression and tension modes. The instrument provides comprehensive test data on material properties including hardness, cohesiveness, relaxation, adhesiveness, fracture point and many more.

In the viscosity world Brookfield's highly popular DV-II+"PRO" Viscometer now offers the added feature of bi-directional communication between a PC and the instrument. By utilizing Brookfield's Rheocalc software with the new DV-II+"PRO", advanced test methods and detailed data collection/analysis are controlled directly through a dedicated computer.

The Sanitary AST-100FG For In-Line Product Quality Control is designed for cleanability, ease of use and low maintenance. The AST-100 food grade viscometer is rugged, reliable and conforms to 3A standards. With no moving parts, the AST-100FG provides continuous in-line viscosity measurement, while dramatically minimizing operator involvement.

The new generation of sophisticated Brookfield Viscometers, Rheometers and Texture Analyzers sets world standards for fast, accurate, reliable measurement and control. Brookfield enjoys a worldwide reputation for accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and quality all at an affordable price.

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