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Bruker AXS Inc.

Extreme Analytical Flexibility, High Accuracy, Full Integration

Bruker AXS Inc is a leading company providing advanced integrated X-ray systems and complete solutions for molecular and elemental analysis by X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence. Both techniques are nondestructive and provide essential information about the 3-dimensional structure of chemical and biological molecules as well as structural parameters and elemental composition information of any type of solid or liquid materials. Bruker AXS's products, which have particular application in the life science and materials science fields, provide Bruker AXS's customers with the ability to determine the structure of specific molecules, such as proteins, and to characterize and determine the composition and physical properties of materials. Their integrated systems address multiple existing and emerging markets, including: drug discovery and development, structural proteomics, advanced materials research, and industrial process control.

Bruker AXS's customers include biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, semiconductor companies, raw material manufacturers, chemical companies, academic institutions and other businesses involved in materials analysis.

Products Include:

  • Single Crystal Diffraction
  • General Diffraction
  • X-ray Spectrometer
  • Lab Automation
Bruker AXS's is dedicated to providing the most innovative, versatile, and reliable products for today's environment.
Products Vacuum Equipment, Product Material Testing
Address 5465 East Cheryl Parkway Madison, WI 53711-5373
Country United States
Telephone (608) 276-3000
(800) 234-XRAY
Fax (608) 276-3006



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Instruments and equipment that evaluate mechanical, thermal or other material properties, or simulate field conditions.
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