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DEHN, Inc.
DEHN is a world leader in lightning and surge protection products for the protection of electrical equipment and systems.

DEHN manufactures a full range of Lightning and Surge protection(TVSS) for application on Instrumentation, Measurement and Controland 600 Volt class power systems. Products are configured for variousapplications including DIN rail mounting for two wire, Ethernet,RS232, coaxial (for RF and video), NPT pipe enclosed assemblies,as well as complete TVSS units built into NEMA rated enclosures forpower applications.

DEHN devices are rated for 600 Volt class applications and are respectivelyrated for Protection Categories (per ANSI C62.41-1991) C, B, or A.,are compliant with UL 1449 2nd edition and components have been testedand approved to conform to international standards as stated, andas indicated also bear UL and CE designations.

For more than 90 years DEHN has been serving the electrical industry. From the beginning, protecting buildings and personnel from the effects of direct lightning strikes, to its current business of protecting electrical equipment and systems from the consequences of lightning currents andvoltage surges.

As electrical power systems became more complex, the electrical loads, such as process control,computer and telecommunication systems, solid state controllers and relays become more commonplace and sensitive to the aberrations that appear on these power sources, DEHN has continued to improve and develop new products and technologies for maintaining the integrity and reliability of these modern systems. This has lead to DEHN’s leadership role in MOV based TVSS technology and their capability to suppress even lightning rated transients with 10/350 µsec durations.

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