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For over 50 years, Emerson & Cuming's focus has been on designing and manufacturing high performance solutions for industries around the world. Their expansive breadth of encapsulant, adhesive, and thermal management technologies combined with their decades of experience allow them to create solutions to difficult engineering challenges, providing maximum design latitude for their customers. Their vision is to be your first choice for circuit and component assembly solutions.

Emerson & Cuming offers real solutions for virtually any environment. For demanding applications, they deliver the highest quality material systems, including:

Individually formulated one and two component adhesives to bond, seal, and pot electronic assemblies

Chip on Board
Epoxy and silicone encapsulants specially formulated to perform on epoxy glass, polyimide, polyester or ceramic substrates

Conformal Coatings
One-component, urethane, silicone or acrylate coatings providing environmental protection for assembled circuits and electronic components

Conductive Adhesive/ Solder Replacement
A complete line of highly conductive, high-purity, one-component electrically conductive adhesives as solder alternatives

Die Attach Adhesives
Pre-mixed and frozen conductive adhesives and nonconductive adhesives for bonding integrated circuits directly onto the board

One- and two-component encapsulants formulated from epoxy, polyurethane, acrylate and silicone chemistries

Film Adhesives
Allow components and parts to be bonded where pastes may not be optimal for large component assembly

Flip Chip Underfills
Highly flowable, high-purity, one-component encapsulants that form a uniform and void-free underfill layer

Solder Alternatives
Easy-to-use polymeric alternatives for solder with advanced adhesive paste that meet the electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements of solder

Surface Mount Adhesives
A broad range of adhesives for circuit assembly, designed for high-speed syringe dispensing, stencil printing or pin transfer applications

Thermal Management
A complete line of thermal management interface materials and the real world applications expertise to help you design a thermal management solution

Emerson & Cuming products have been engineered to protect critical electronic components from harsh operating environments. With formulations based on epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone chemistries, they are capable of a broad range of solutions regardless of the application specifications.

Products Electrical, Optical, Specialty Materials, Industrial Adhesives
Address 46 Manning Road Billerica, MA 01821
Country United States
Telephone (978) 436-9700
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