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Motors That Survive

Empire Magnetics provides quality motor products designed to perform inenvironments and applications where ordinary motors areunsuitable. Custom systems and modifications areavailable upon request.

The Empire Magneticsproduct line features 1.8o hybrid permanentmagnet stepping motors and selected brushless servomotors for positioning applications that demand:

  • Sealed motors for wet, dusty or hazardousenvironments
  • Specialty motors for vacuum, radiation andextreme temperature operation
  • High-power stepper and servo gearmotors
  • Custom motors and system integration services

Their motor products are constructed from the highestquality materials, and are built to order. More thanthirty years of motion control experience, including thelatest motion control technologies insure thatengineering solutions provided by Empire Magneticsare the best available for your application.

Empire Magnetics products are distributed by anationwide network of motion control sales professionals.Your local distributor carries the drives and controls,and the accessories needed to build a complete motioncontrol system.

Product Line Overview

Radiation Hardened
Abrasive Dustproof
Hazardous Area
Extended Temperature Range
Standard Industrial

Following is a sampling of places where Empire Magnetics motors are currently being utilized:

Space and related applications

  • International Space Station
  • Boeing, Brilliant Eyes Satellites
  • Smithsonian Observatory, satellite systems.

Cryogenic applications

  • Arnold Air Force Base, Military vehicle sensors
  • US Naval Labs, telescope instrumentation
  • NASA, liquid gas valves

Radiation and related applications

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Nuclear fuels reprocessing equipment.
  • Tokai Works - Japan, fuel reprocessing
  • Los Alamos National Labs, beam line adjustments

Waterproof and related applications

  • US Naval Labs, test facilities
  • US Army, chemical Weapons disposal
  • Ocean Spray, cranberry juice packaging

Hazardous area applications

  • CSS technology, spray painting labels on hand grenades
  • TRW, manufacture of air bag detonators.
  • Huntsville Arsenal, munitions manufacturing

Other applications

  • Optical Coating Labs, optical process equipment
  • NASA/Langley Air Force Base, wind tunnel controls
  • New Light, Hologram manufacturing
Products Motors, Rotary Position Sensors
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Country United States
Telephone (707) 584-2801
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