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Everight Precision Technologies Corporation
Everight Precision is very proud to be North American Servicing Distributor for Positek, Ltd., one of the world's premier designers and manufacturers of LVIT linear and RVIT rotary position sensors. Positek features an extensive standard line of mechanical configurations, electrical input and output options, and ATEX certified intrinsically safe electronics to satisfy a very wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Positek products are also highly customizable, if necessary, to fit the exact requirements of the application.

Everight Precision Technologies Corporation serves automated equipment and component OEMs and large end users requiring specifically designed LVDT, RVDT, LVIT, RVIT, and SEF based sensor devices to provide linear and angular position information to data acquisition and control systems. Product solutions can integrate all three essential aspects of the application requirement: basic sensor technology and support electronics, mechanical packaging, and system interface. Mechanical packaging considerations include physical interface with actuated components as well as environmental and operating conditions including immersion, pressure, temperature, shock and vibration, and impact. System interface solutions encompass digital interfaces such as Ethernet, Canbus, Devicenet, etc. plus wireless and TEDS "plug and play" technology. Everight Precision works with top engineers, component producers, and global manufacturing sources to create exactly the device that precisely fits your need and your economics.

  • “Design for Application” Custom Linear and Rotary Position Sensors
  • Positek LVIT and RVIT based Linear and Rotary Position Sensors and Tilt Sensors
  • Positek LVIT and RVIT based Intrinsically Safe Sensors

Everight Precision works to fully understand the application then tailors a linear or angular position sensor solution that fits seamlessly into the application's control or data acquisition system.

Products Rotary Position Sensors, Tilt Sensors
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