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A full range of Standard Products are stocked for immediate shipment. Use them as is, or modify them to suit your special application.
Fiberoptics Technology has been engaged in the design and manufacture of industrial fiber optic illumination products for over a quarter century. Proprietary processes for light line and light guide construction, feature-rich, cutting edge light source illumination designs, and dual manufacturing locations in Florida and Connecticut set the company apart from the competition.

The SOL-R brand light source by FTI incorporates exclusive lamp tuning and dual function display to provide maximum intensity, accuracy, and life.
Medical Light guides,Ring lights, back lights, spot to line (light lines), many different configurations of plastic light guides, quartz rods, tapers, goosenecks and raw fiber are supplied in standard and custom OEM configurations for metrology, quality assurance, surgical, endoscopy, web inspection, semiconductor and electronic automation, dental curing, adhesive curing, power transmission, automotive, and star ceiling lighting applications to customers in the Machine Vision, Microscopy, Medical, and Commercial Lighting markets.

FTI also manufactures a complete range of medical lightguides for endoscopy and fiberscope applications. The company maintains FDA certification for these products.
FTI is the largest supplier of custom designed OEM fiber optic components in the United States, maintaining the largest fiber production capacity of anycompany in North America.They will work with you to turn idea into reality. State-of-the art analyticalinstruments provide optical and mechanical information with speed and efficiency.Eight full time electronic and mechanical engineers on staff work out the details.

Custom product design is the core strength of the company… a large R&D staff, 22 full time machinists, 5 day turnaround on prototyping service, and two independent manufacturing facilities (CT and FL) differentiate the company from the rest of the market.
In addition to engineering, FTI also has 8 creative and dedicated professionals assigned to R&D. Mechanical, Optical and Electronic concepts, design, and testing are done in-house without delay or distraction.

The foundation of any fiber optic manufacturing business is technical expertise; both in assembly and design. Making it right is only half the job; doing it efficiently, with minimum cost is the challenge and key to success

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Country United States
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