engineering fundamentals Fisher Scientific International Inc.

Fisher Scientific International Inc.
Products Liquid Hling Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Chromatography Instruments, Product Material Testing
Address 2000 Park Lane Pittsburgh, PA 15275
Country United States
Telephone (800) 943-2006
(800) 766-7000



Related Product Categories
Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling
Personal Protection
Personal protective equipment is used to protect individuals from personal injury.
Scientific Instruments
Liquid Handling
Products that are used in the moving, monitoring, sealing, transporting, processing, sensing, and/or controlling of any liquid substance.
Test and Measurement
Chromatography Instruments
Instruments used to separate chemical mixtures, carried by liquids or gases, into components as a result of differential distribution of the solutes as they flow around or over a stationary liquid or solid phase.
Product and Material Testing
Instruments and equipment that evaluate mechanical, thermal or other material properties, or simulate field conditions.
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