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Foamex Technical Products
Foamex Technical Products is one of the industry’s prime innovators and suppliers of specialty porous foam material solutions for a broad range of industries. Technical Products materials can be tailored to solve a wide variety of energy and fluid management functions and are found in Transportation,Industrial, Electronics, Consumer and Medical markets. Their products are commonly used in applications you encounter every day, such as gaskets and seals for automotive systems, inkjet printer cartridges, rollers in digital imaging equipment, noise and vibration damping for computer disc drives, air and fluid filters in cars and aircraft, medical devices, and numerous consumer item as such as sponges, mops, paint brushes and cosmetic applicators.

Due to the highly specializednature of most Technical Products, their expert technical staff works hands-onwithcustomers to design, develop and manufactureproducts to meet specific requirements. They work hard to understand theircustomer’s needs, and have a great group of people to help them be successful.

Products Plastics, Elastomers Polymers
Address 1500 East Second Street Eddystone, PA 19022
Country United States
Telephone (610) 499-3727
(800) 767-4997
Fax (610) 876-2341



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Plastics, Polymers and Elastomers
Plastics, elastomers and polymers are organic synthetic or processed materials typically consisting of thermoplastic or thermosetting resins that can be made into or supplied as shapes, film, sheet, rod, tube or fiber.
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