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General Pump
Since 1986, General Pump has worked closely with its customers to develop dependable, high performance pumps and pump accessories to fit their most demanding applications.

General Pump's mission:

To be the bestfluid control device company world wide, providing their customerswith superior and innovative products, coupled with a level of servicethatexceeds customer expectations.

At GP Companies."They'llFind A Way"!

Dedicated to providing customers with industry-leading customer service andproducts, the reasons for their leadership are clear. They aim to maintain andbuild upon that position, and invite you review their new web site and providethem with any suggestions you might have.

They’re organized tomaximize their resources, both human and financial. The same care the companytakesin the development of its products and systemshas been incorporated into their headquarters in historic Mendota Heights, Minnesota.

Located on 6.2 acres, their54,000 square foot facility was designed to provide their employees a highlyproductiveand enjoyable atmosphere – one thoroughlyconducive to the delivery of maximum customer service.

Their distribution center and warehouse complex on the lower level has beenengineered to achieve optimum material handling efficiencies. These efficienciesalso enhance their service capabilities, and also allow the facility to functionas a Just-In-Time inventory system for their customers.

General Pump's Researchand Development Department has expanded four-fold in the new facility.

Products Pumps, Valves, Industrial Cleaning Surface Preparation
Address 1174 Northland Drive Mendota Heights, MN 55120
Country United States
Telephone (651) 454-6500
Fax (651) 454-8015



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Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling
Cleaning and Surface Preparation
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