engineering fundamentals GMN Bearing, USA

GMN Bearing, USA
High Precision Ball Bearings
GMN produces high precision ball bearings in precision class P4 (ABEC7) or better as spindle bearings (angular contact bearings), radial deep groove ball bearings as well as special bearings and hybrid bearings.

Freewheels are unidirectional couplings, transmitting or supporting torque in one direction by friction and allowing idling in the opposite direction.
GMN manufactures sprag type clutches of two different sprag sizes to be used as indexing devices, backstops or overrunning clutches. Roller ramp supplements are available too.

Non-Contact Seals
GMN offers two different systems of non-contact seals for wear free sealing of fast turning machine components.
The GMN labyrinth seals are made from steel and aluminium by a special and very sophisticated production process which results in absolute identity of the inner and outer rings labyrinth profile.
The GMN gap seals with return drain are made from high quality, highly resistant plastic material.

The entire production line of GMN ball bearings has been sucessfully certified according to DIN/ISO 9001.

GMN bearings are synonymous with quality.

  • Complete bearing units
  • A variety of solid lubricant coatings are available for operation under vacuum
  • Spindle Bearings
  • Radial Deep Groove Ball Bearings
  • Vacuum Technology/Dry Lubrication: GMN provides dry lubricant coating with their own PVD- sputter device for Scanning electron microscopes or turbo molecular pumps, Aerospace applications, semiconductor technologies, and Medical field, e.g. X-ray tube bearings.
  • Hybrid Bearings: Rings and balls from different material, e.g. ceramic balls
  • Special Bearings / Bearing Units
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