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Gradient Lens Corporation
For over 20 years, Gradient Lens Corporation has designed, engineered, and manufactured precision optics and optical instruments. Their patented endoGRINS® gradient-index lens technology is built into their exclusive line of Hawkeye® Precision Borescopes. This innovative optical design allows Hawkeye borescopes to deliver excellent image quality at prices one-third that of comparable visual inspection instruments.

Don't be mislead by others claiming their borescopes can provide similar value to the Hawkeye line. With over 18,000 Hawkeye Borescopes sold and thousands of satisfied customers, they are confident you will be pleased. Hawkeye Borescopes purchased from GLC come with a 30 day no questions asked return policy for any product returned in original condition and packaging. Hawkeye borescopes are proudly made in the USA in Rochester, New York, the Worlds Image Center®.

For more specialized applications, they also offer the advanced capability of Hawkeye Blue™ Precision Borescopes. Hawkeye Blues are constructed with precise German optics and engineering, and feature built-in prisms. The result is superb image quality and a broad range of features to meet a wide variety of application needs.

Exceptional value and versatility are the hallmarks of Hawkeye, Hawkeye Blue and Luxxor Lighting and Video visual inspection products. Today, leading edge companies are using Hawkeyes to improve their products and quality, streamline their processes, and gain a competitive advantage.

At Gradient Lens Corporation, they remain committed to their core values:
High Quality Optics, Materials & Construction . . .

Exceptional Product Value . . .

Fast Delivery . . .

Quick Turnaround on Repairs.

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Address 207 Tremont Street Rochester, NY 14608
Country United States
Telephone (585) 235-2620
(800) 536-0790
Fax (585) 235-6645



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