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Henkel Corp. - Electronics
Henkel Electronics is the world's leading and most progressive provider of qualified, compatible material sets for semiconductor packaging, board level assembly and advanced soldering solutions. Through its Hysol®, Loctite® and Multicore® brands and global customer support infrastructure, Henkel Electronics delivers world-class materials products, process solutions and expertise. By partnering with key industry leaders to pioneer added-value materials and processes, and by prioritizing environmental responsibility and training, Henkel Electronics is formulating the materials to enable tomorrow's electronics industry.

The company's Hysol® brand is the premiere brand for the semiconductor packaging materials sector and provides fully compatible material sets that conquer the challenges facing today's packaging businesses. Through product innovations in die attach, underfills, encapsulants, molding compounds, coating powders, optoelectronic materials and materials for high reliability applications, Hysol® has effectively become the brand of choice for the semiconductor packaging market.

Likewise, Henkel Electronic's Loctite® brand delivers a complete range of products for board level assembly. As the world's largest adhesive developer, Henkel Electronic's Loctite® range includes surface mount adhesives, thermally conductive materials, and versatile board protection solutions. Major assemblers worldwide trust Loctite® products for high-quality solutions that maximize throughput and enhance ease of use on the factory-floor. The environmentally-focused Loctite® portfolio of materials minimizes energy requirements and hazardous substances used in manufacturing, including reduced curing temperature adhesives and low VOC compounds.

Rounding out the family of brands is the Multicore® line of soldering products for electronics assembly andsemiconductor packaging applications. This well-known and globally trusted brand is recognized for innovative solder paste and flux chemistries supporting all assembly activities including cleaning and rework. Multicore was the first brand to perfect lead-free solder formulations, which now integrate directly with other Henkel Electronic products. With over 30 years??? Experience developing and supporting soldering materials, Henkel Electronics manufactures Multicore products locally in all key territories and produces its own solder powder to maintain market independence.

Henkel can identify opportunities to reduce costs and offers complete start-to-finish assembly solutions, guiding customers towards better component design and manufacturing methods. The accumulated experience in dispensing technology and design, process and performance validation, is available to every customer.

With such a wide range of products all designed for material set compatibility, Henkel Electronics is the only materials supplier poised to deliver the expertise, service and value required to meet the manufacturing, environmental and regulatory challenges facing today's advanced assembly and semiconductor packaging professionals.

Products Electrical, Optical, Specialty Materials, Industrial Adhesives, Plastics, Elastomers Polymers
Address 15350 Barranca Parkway Irvine, CA 92618
Country United States
Telephone (949) 789-2500
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