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Three engineers affiliated with the Ultrasound Research Group and the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Rochester founded JSR Ultrasonics in 1986. Since its inception, their company has been an innovator in ultrasonic testing. They have a proven record of blending the latest scientific advances with years of experience to provide instruments to meet the most demanding test, inspection, and evaluation requirements throughout every phase of product design, manufacturing, and use.

In late 2004 they changed their name from JSR Ultrasonics to Imaginant in order to integrate their existing and emerging technology products under a single corporate name. They retained the use of JSR Ultrasonics as a brand name for their ultrasonic product lines. Their mission is to develop innovative products for test, measurement, and imaging.

Today, Imaginant’s portfolio is comprised of three main product lines: Digital Cameras, Pulser/Receivers, and Coating Thickness Systems.

Digital Cameras

Their company designs, develops, and manufactures high quality, high-resolution color digital cameras for some of the best-known and most respected imaging companies in the world, including Eastman Kodak Company. Their high-resolution color capture instruments are found in many of the best-known theme parks throughout the world. The Digital Camera team actively seeks OEM customers who require the finest engineered cameras for use in a variety of imaging-critical applications. Their products fit particularly well into a number of imaging segments, including aerial, machine vision, medical, microscopy, military, professional, surveillance, and scientific.


JSR Ultrasonics high frequency pulser/receivers are at the heart of advanced nondestructive testing systems used throughout the world. Their company has driven pulser/receiver technology with its development of remote pulsers. Their leadership continues with the DPR500, the first dual-channel modular pulser/receiver. From traditional metals to 21st century microelectronics, JSR Ultrasonics has a thorough understanding of the science as well as the art of nondestructive testing. They are committed to expanding their role as the innovative leader in the engineering and manufacture of ultrasonic instrumentation for nondestructive testing.

Coating Thickness Systems

JSR Ultrasonics PELT coating thickness systems are internationally recognized for precise multi-layer gauging of coatings on both non-metallic and metallic substrates. Many of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers use PELT technology for monitoring their paint application process on a daily basis. Manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Mercedes (DaimlerChrysler), and Toyota rely on PELT technology for precise and accurate thickness measurements of single and multiple-layered coatings. Aerospace industry leaders such as Boeing also rely on PELT technology to accurately measure the paint coatings on their products. They continue to grow their line of PELT products to meet the changing needs of their increasing customer base, thus placing them in the forefront of the high frequency coatings measurement industry.

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