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About Interface Solutions, Inc.

Interface Solutions, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of sealing solutions, felt, and engineered composite materials. The company was formerly known as Armstrong Industrial Specialties, Inc. (AISI). They officially changed the name of the company to Interface Solutions on July 1, 1999 when AISI senior management partnered with Citicorp Venture Capital to purchase majority ownership of AISI from Armstrong World Industries. Interface Solutions provides a full range of technical support for original equipment design engineers, MRO customers, and resilient floor manufacturers worldwide.

Interface Solutions' core competency is the ability to tailor barriers which act as interfaces between imperfect or incompatible parts or surfaces. Their goal is to help you achieve target cost while managing design requirements for optimum long-term performance.

Today their technical tradition continues. As Interface Solutions, they have intensified their focus on practical, no-nonsense solutions. Their continuing investments in research and development result in unique products engineered to meet specific industry needs. A global business, Interface Solutions offers one of the broadest product lines available including:

  • Gasket products for automotive, heavy-duty and industrial markets
  • Felt backings for resilient vinyl floors
  • Thermal barriers for high temperature applications
  • Electrical barriers for appliances, lamps, computers and power tools
  • Board materials--the product of choice for securities and currencies printers worldwide
Interface Solutions' technical representatives participate as a development team with customers to help optimize performance while minimizing component production costs. Their product development process takes a predictive approach: the performance requirements are defined, then the product is created to meet those requirements.

Products Plastics, Elastomers Polymers
Address 216 Wohlsen Way Lancaster, PA 17603-4043
Country United States
Telephone (717) 207-6006
Fax (717) 207-6080



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