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About International Transducer Corporation

Since 1966, ITC has developed and manufactured over 5,000 different acoustic transducer designs for a wide range of applications. ITC transducers have been used in defense, communication, navigation control and information gathering applications. They are integral to many advanced sonar systems, position determining systems and data telemetry devices. ITC also produces commercial acoustic transducers for medical, industrial, navigation, seismic exploration, seabed mining, fish tracking, and other applications requiring advanced acoustic technology.

ITC's modern manufacturing facility in Santa Barbara, California, incorporates general assembly, machine and engineering prototype shops, acoustic test tanks, pressure tanks and sophisticated acoustical and electrical test equipment. ITC is very versatile in manufacturing small quantity orders of 2 or 3 as well as large 25,000 unit orders for large-scale production projects.

Transducers, in a very broad sense, are devices for converting energy from one form to another. An electro acoustic transducer, such as the type manufactured by ITC, converts electrical energy into acoustic energy or vice versa. The electro acoustic transducer can be included in a wide range of devices, including, for example, microphones, loudspeakers, and control sensors as well as those transducers used in water.

ITC manufactures;

  • Underwater Transducers
  • Air Transducers
Products Acoustic Audio Equipment
Address 869 Ward Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Country United States
Telephone (805) 683-2575
Fax (805) 967-8199



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