engineering fundamentals Jameco Electronics

Jameco Electronics
Products Enclosure Accessories Services, Passive Electronic Components, Switches, Electronics Microelectronics Manufacturing, Solenoids, Electrical Electromagnetic Sensors
Address 1355 Shoreway Rd. Belmont, CA 94002
Country United States
Telephone (650) 802-1540
(800) 831-4242



Related Product Categories
Electrical and Electronic Components
Passive Electronic Components
Passive electronic components such as resistors, inductors and capacitors that do not require power to operate.
Devices used to route signals by allowing or preventing the signal flow when in closed or open position.
Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling
Electronics and Microelectronics Manufacturing
Microelectronics and thin film manufacturing equipment including vacuum systems and components, gas delivery systems, deposition systems, photolithography units, etching equipment, annealing furnaces and other accessories.
Mechanical Components
Solenoids convert electrical energy into linear or rotary mechanical work via a plunger with an axial stroke in either a push or pull action.
Sensors and Transducers
Electrical and Electromagnetic Sensors
Devices used to detect and measure electrical and electromagnetic signals.
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