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Karl Storz Industrial America, Inc.
Karl Storz is a worldwide manufacturer of remote visual inspection equipment. They manufacturer the widest range of products including digital videoscopes, fiberscopes, borescopes, image analysis and documentation equipment as well as custom scopes and systems.

For over 50 years they have built a reputation and name synonymous with quality, innovation and technology. With 400 national andinternational patents and prototypes, Karl Storz sets the standardagainst which other companies will measure themselves for generations to come.

Recent innovations include:

LaserTrue™ measurementon demand. The easy to use laser measurement system for fast, accuratemeasurement of internal defects withresults displayed on full screen monitors.

Clearview Technology™ which offers the brightest highest-resolution images possible.
TechnoPackX™, which combines superior optics, advanced video technology,laser measurement and more into one compact, field portable unit that can be used with a wide range of videoscopes,fiberscopes and borescopes.

A new 3.8mm videoscope system with advanced CCD processing logicthat allows you to obtain bright, clear imageswith resolution qualitycomparable to that of much larger diameter videoscopes. The3.8 mm videoscope is the smallest industrial videoscope manufactured.

Karl Storz is so confident of the quality built into alltheir products they back them up with the industry's onlytwo yearwarranty.

Products Inspection Tools Instruments
Address 600 Corporate Pointe 5th Floor Culver City, CA 90230-7600
Country United States
Telephone (800) 329-9618
Fax (310) 410-2785



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