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Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
Maxwell is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions.

Maxwell's BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules andPOWERCACHE® backup power systems provide safe and reliable power solutionsfor applications in consumer and industrial electronics, transportation andtelecommunications.

Maxwell's CONDIS® high-voltagegrading and coupling capacitors help to ensure the safety and reliabilityof electric utility infrastructure andother applications involving transport, distribution and measurement of high-voltageelectrical energy.

Maxwell's radiation-mitigated microelectronic products include power modules,memory modules and single board computers that incorporate powerful commercialsilicon for superior performance and high reliability in aerospace applications.

Maxwell Technologies high-reliability electronic components business consists of three product lines:

  • ultracapacitors for energystorage and delivery of rapid bursts of power for applications ranging fromconsumer electronics to hybrid diesel/electric buses
  • high voltage capacitors forswitchgear, CVT and laboratory applications
  • microelectronics for spaceand military applications requiring high reliability in radiation-intenseenvironments
These products address rapidly growing, high-value markets,and are protected by strong intellectual property positions. As a manufacturerof high reliability components and systems, Maxwell Technologies knows thateverything depends on the quality of their products. From that knowledge comestheir ongoing commitment to manufacture products to meet the highest quality standards.
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Address 9244 Balboa Avenue San Diego, CA 92123
Country United States
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Passive Electronic Components
Passive electronic components such as resistors, inductors and capacitors that do not require power to operate.
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