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Melles Griot supplies the elements used to create, control, and position light for applications as diverse as biotechnology, telecommunications, entertainment, and reprographics. It is their challenge to supply components that allow industry to move from scientific possibilities to product realities.

For 30 years, Melles Griot has taken a leadership role in supplying products that enable the practical application of light. As the photonics marketplace grew so did Melles Griot, becoming a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of optics, lasers, opto-mechanical hardware, and instruments.

They began with optics, pioneering the field of catalog sales with their industry-leading Optics Guides. Today, the company is a major OEM supplier, involved in the high-volume fabrication of both standard and custom optical components and advanced thin-film coatings, as well as optical tables, opto-mechanical hardware, and state-of-the-art flexure-based nanopositioning systems.

Melles Griot designs and manufactures high-performance lens systems for machine vision and imaging applications. Melles Griot also manufactures nanopositioning systems for the mass production of telecommunications devices and fiber-optic components.

They are the world leader in gas lasers and are at the forefront of semiconductor and solid-state laser technology for commercial and research applications. Recognized for their multi-colored helium neon lasers, Melles Griot also specializes in helium cadmium, air-cooled ion, and frequency-stabilized laser technology. In addition, diode-pumped solid-state lasers and custom, plus turnkey, diode laser based subassemblies and systems enable them to meet the broad spectral requirements of customers. Complementing these laser technologies, they offer a complete selection of laser power and energy meters and beam diagnostic equipment.

Working with industry, supporting research & development, partnering in OEM production -- Melles Griot continues to lead the photonics industry.

Products Lasers, Optical Components
Address 2051 Palomar Airport Road, 200 Carlsbad, CA 92009
Country United States
Telephone (760) 268-5131
(800) 835-2626
Fax (760) 804-0049



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