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MISUMI USA, Inc. is the USA subsidiary of MISUMI Corporation of Japan. Established since 1988 in Illinois, MISUMI has fast become known as an innovative supplier of Mechanical Components for Assembly Automation worldwide.

Over 40 years experience in servicing the needs of Assembly Automation Designers and Manufacturers internationally has allowed MISUMI to compile one of the world's largest ranges of machined components suitable for assembly applications in the electronics, semiconductor, medical device and automotive industries.


Misumi's range of over 500,000 components covers mechanical assembly operations across the fields of Linear Motion, Rotary Motion, Transmissions, Location and Locating Parts and General Machine Building Components.

They place a heavy emphasis on supplying components that have traditionally been machined in house. In particular, turned, ground or milled components are Misumi's Forte.


Unlike other suppliers of Fixed Sized components, Misumi's unique approach to supplying parts allows you to specify the critical finishing dimensions such as lengths, diameters and threads from wide size parameters for no extra charge!

This means for each component they have literally 1000's of sizes!

This overcomes many of the restrictions that using traditional 'Fixed Sized' parts poses.

With MISUMI you don't need to compromise.

As long as the sizes you choose are within the parameters outlined in Misumi's specification table, delivery will be no more than 6 working days!


Usually if you need to order a customized component you are required to provide a drawing. Not with MISUMI. Using Misumi's catalog system you can specify all of the finishing dimensions of the component within the part code. No drawing is necessary. All you need to do is call of the code and you can see price and delivery date, immediately.

Where drawings are required they provide 2D and 3D data, which you can access from within this site. Alternatively, you can request a CD free of charge.


Because they understand that many Assembly Operations are unique, they realize you only ever need small quantities of components. Therefore they don't impose any restrictions in terms of order quantity, value or set up charges. If you only need one piece then you only pay for one piece!


They also promise to stick to the same delivery schedule whether you order one piece or one hundred pieces.

Typical lead-time to produce a machined component from MISUMI is just 6 working days!

Don't believe MISUMI? Then Try Them! Call now for a quotation.

Products Electrical Testing Equipment, Pneumatic Equipment Components, Industrial Heaters Heating Elements, Plastics, Elastomers Polymers, Bearings Bushings, Power Transmission, Gears
Address 1105 Remington Rd., Suite B Schaumburg, IL 60173
Country United States
Telephone (847) 843-9105
(800) 681-7475
Fax (847) 843-9107



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