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Miyachi Unitek Corporation
Miyachi Unitek Corporation's Mission and Focus

Miyachi Unitek Corporation is the world leader in equipment and systems for resistance and laser welding, laser marking, hermetic sealing, pulsed heat soldering, bonding and heat sealing, and wirebond pull testing. Miyachi Unitek spans the globe to serve your microjoining needs: controls, heads, weld monitors and accessories, and pulsed Nd:YAG laser welders and markers.

Miyachi Unitek Corporation takes the form of three distinct operating groups. Each group maintains its own global sales and marketing organization dedicated to the needs of its customer base:

Miyachi Unitek - Monrovia

Laser Welding and Marking: a broad range of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers for welding and marking with up to 7kW peak power and multiple output beams for OEM's or as turnkey systems with multi-axis CNC motion hardware. The company also designs, builds and supports both standard and custom workstation systems with CDRH Class I enclosures, multi-axis motion control, vibration isolation, inert gas glovebox systems, CCTV vision for inspection and vision-assisted motion, laser control software, and a wide range of standard laser welding beam delivery components and accessories.

Fine Spot Resistance Welding: resistance welding equipment for precision metals joining. Typical applications include parts for automotive electronics, sensors, medical devices, batteries and battery packs, aircraft parts and electronics components.

Large Scale Resistance Welding: resistance welding and process monitoring equipment for applications ranging from sheet metal to component parts manufacturing.

Reflow Soldering: power supplies, heads, and thermodes for hot-bar reflow soldering. Applications include LCD attachment such as that used in manufacturing displays for cell phones, laptop computers, and automotive applications.

Hermetic Seam Welding and Projection Welding: equipment and systems for the hermetic sealing of semiconductor and small electronic devices. The company designs, manufactures, sells, and supports a broad range of welding and marking systems and atmospheric enclosures for customers in the telecommunications, aerospace, optoelectronic, medical, automotive and defense industries.


Based in The Netherlands, Unitek EAPRO BV manufactures and distributes systems and tools for laser welding, resistance welding, selective soldering, heat seal bonding and fluid dispensing for the electronics assembly industry. Via their Application Development Center, Unitek EAPRO BV assists customers in the development of reliable connections, improving product quality, realiability, and manufacturing cost.

Applications of Company Products

Large and small companies use Miyachi Unitek's equipment and systems to manufacture products in the following industries and product applications, plus many others:

  •  Electronic components, connectors and devices
  •  Batteries and battery packs
  •  Lamps and lighting elements
  •  Automotive electronics, sensors and controls
  •  Medical implants and implantable devices
  •  Electrical components
  •  Medical components and devices
  •  Computer and disk drive components
  •  Printed circuit board assembly and repair
  •  Automotive sheet metal
  •  Office equipment and furniture
  •  Home kitchen appliances
  •  Tools and saw blades
  •  Dental components
  •  Relays, solenoids, potentiometers, transducers and strain gages.
  •  Microwave component assembly
  •  Television tubes and components
  •  Jet engine and aircraft repair
  •  Motor armature fusing
  •  Ammunition and pyrotechnic devices
  •  Semiconductor and hybrid assembly and packaging
  •  Fiber communications components
  •  Thermocouples and thermostats
  •  Structural bonding
  •  Flex and ribbon cable connections
  •  Anisotropic and heat seal connections

    Miyachi Unitek Corporation's Parent Company

    Miyachi Technos Corporation (MTC), based in Noda City, Japan, was established in 1972 to manufacture and market semiconductor-related measuring instruments and welding control equipment in response to the demand for quality control in the automobile and electronics industries. The company was quick to incorporate microprocessors and other electronic devices into its resistance welders to enable high quality precision joining and the monitoring and analysis of that process. Its weld checkers quickly became the worldwide standard for weld monitoring.

    In 1984, MTC developed an Nd:YAG laser welder that allowed for more precise and micro welding, and this line has become one of the company's main business pillars along with resistance welding. In recent years, it has advanced into the laser marking arena with its Nd:YAG and Nd:YV04 laser markers being among the smallest and most powerful in the world.

    In addition to its subsidiaries in the US and Europe, the company has sales and manufacturing facilities in China and Korea. MTC is publicly listed on the Tokyo stock exchange.

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    Address 1820 S. Myrtle Ave. Monrovia, CA 91016
    Country United States
    Telephone (626) 303-5676
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