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MTI Instruments Inc.
MTI Instruments has been at the forefront of high-precision, noncontact measurement for more than 30 years. They offer fiber-optic, capacitive, and laser technologies designed to measure position, displacement, and vibration in the production process and in the laboratory.

MTI specializes in providing in-depth technical support before, during and after the sale. Their staff of application engineers and worldwide network of factory-trained representatives are ready to answer your questions and solve your measurement needs.

Pioneers in Noncontact Measurement

  • Microtrak II - CMOS laser triangulation sensor for most materials and surfaces with a frequency response to 20 kHz
  • Microtrak 7000 - Single or dual channel, high resolution laser displacement sensor
  • MTI-2000 Fotonic Sensor - Fiber-optic vibration sensor for measurements up to 500 kHz
  • Accumeasure 5000 - High frequency single or dual channel capacitance system
  • Accumeasure 9000 - High-resolution capacitance sensor with outstanding resolution, accuracy and stability
  • Accumeasure 1500 - Multi-channel capacitance gaging system
  • Proforma 300 - Manual thickness gage for conductive, semiconducting and semi-insulating materials
  • Proforma 200SA - Semi-automated thickness gage with powerful software for analysis of wafer bow, warp, thickness and flatness
  • AutoScan 200 - Fully automated, cassette-to-cassette wafer inspection system for semiconducting and semi-insulating wafers
Products Vacuum Equipment, Linear Position Sensors
Address 325 Washington Avenue Extension Albany, NY 12205
Country United States
Telephone (518) 218-2550
(800) 342-2203
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Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling
Vacuum equipment is used for degassing, welding, and the manufacturing of thin films, semiconductors, optics and specialty materials.
Sensors and Transducers
Linear Position Sensors
Devices used to measure the linear displacement of an object.
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