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National Starch and Chemical Co.
National Starch and Chemical Company, a member of the ICI Group, is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, specialty polymers, electronic materials, specialty food, healthcare and industrial starches.

A global company, National produces thousands of technically advanced products, and employs over 8,500 people located in 155 facilities in 37 countries on 6 continents.

You’ll Find Them Everywhere

National can be found in every aspect of your life.

Their products serve to adhere, bind, thicken, protect, strengthen and texturize. They are in the food you eat, the computers you use, the paper on which you write, the floors on which you walk, and the vehicles in which you travel. They are in your furniture, skin lotions, hair care products, and the casing materials in which all these goods are packaged.

The products National Starch and Chemical Co. make are not easily recognized by the average consumer because over 95% of their output is, in essence, material used by their customers as vital ingredients in their finished products.

From corn hybrids to hybrid electronic circuits, from cartons to cars, from health care to hair care, from bottle labels to kitchen tables, virtually every industry makes use of National's technology and products. Unless you fully explore a manufacturer's process, the role National plays is not always readily apparent.

The function of a National product in finished goods can be as subtle as the smooth texture of a cream pie or as substantial as adhesives that hold a garage door together.

The product can be as obvious as the visible lines of glue that seal a shipping case or as delicate as the silky feel of hand cream.

Products Electrical, Optical, Specialty Materials, Industrial Adhesives, Plastics, Elastomers Polymers
Address 10 Finderne Ave. Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Country United States
Telephone (800) 417-5696



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Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives
Organic or inorganic chemical compound for joining components. Requires clean surface compatible with the adhesive.
Electrical, Optical, and Specialty Materials
Materials such as semiconductors or composites with specialized properties for electrical, optical and specialty applications.
Plastics, Polymers and Elastomers
Plastics, elastomers and polymers are organic synthetic or processed materials typically consisting of thermoplastic or thermosetting resins that can be made into or supplied as shapes, film, sheet, rod, tube or fiber.
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