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Piconics, Inc.
Piconics offers a wide selection of microelectronic inductive components used principally in linear thick and thin film hybrid circuits, micro strip and strip line circuits.

Since its successful entry into the Apollo Program in 1965, Piconics has been a continuous supplier of High Reliability components for the aerospace and defense industries. Starting with certification to ISO 9002, Piconics has qualified a large variety of inductors to MIL-PRF-15305 and MIL-PRF-83446. This ability to manufacture and test high reliability components is also attractive to the commercial and industrial markets where demanding performance and high reliability is required.

Piconics is well equipped to solve your most difficult problems in the thin and thick film and microelectronic inductor, coil, and choke field. Located in two facilities with over 35,000 square feet, their well-lighted, air-conditioned plants are designed to provide a clean and efficient working environment. High volume manufacturing lines afford quick turn around to better serve your product needs.

The great variety of microelectronic applications has led Piconics to adopt a "design to customer needs" philosophy. Modifications to its basic designs have become an everyday occurrence. Piconics background in microelectronic circuits enables the company to be a miniaturization specialist; they can often propose a solution that may not be immediately apparent.

As a leader in the microeletronic inductive device industry, Piconics is considered "the source" when primary considerations are engineering, quality and service.

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