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About Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

Today Pilz is the world market leader in safe, integrated automation, where they continue to design, develop and produce both system and individual solutions, for new and existing customers alike. That's why today they can communicate their dominant principle with pride, but most of all with conviction: Pilz offers you more than automation.

Control and monitoring technology

The control and monitoring technology product range has a long tradition at Pilz. A mercury switch was the basis for the first mercury timer back in 1964. Over the years, the timers have been supplemented by additional products - such as electronic monitoring relays, so that a suitable product is available for the widest range of applications. With the addition of electronic braking systems, these three product groups currently form the control and monitoring technology range.

Safety technology

Safe control technology has been part of the Pilz product range since 1968. Since then they have constantly expanded their expertise in the area of safety technology. In doing so their engineers have set standards. The first emergency stop relay PNOZ, the programmable safety system PSS and the safe, open bus system SafetyBUS p have heralded a new age in safety technology.

Today, a diverse product range offers diverse solutions: whether E-STOP or two-hand, safety gate monitoring or the incorporation of light barriers - they can offer you the appropriate solution!

Operator terminals

Pilz operator terminals are designed for use in a rugged, industrial environment.
They can be used anywhere there is a need for display, monitoring, operating and graphics. With such a comprehensive product range, Pilz operator terminals offer the optimum solution for your graphics functions.

Products Switches, Meters, Readouts Indicators, Computer Peripherals
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