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Polaris Electronics Corporation, Inc.
Polaris Electronics Corp. offers projection welders and parallel seam sealers for microelectronic and optoelectronic packages, as well as spot welders, lid tackers and other, optional accessories designed to meet every hermetic sealing need.  Such needs often include atmosphere chambers, vacuum/bake-out ovens, gas dryers and other compatible accessories to assist customers in effectively tailoring a system for their specific requirement.  Their broad spectrum of technologically advanced hermetic sealing systems, optional accessories and service assistance have been field proven for over thirty years to operate with exceptional accuracy and efficiency, providing their customers with little or no yield loss.

Polaris Electronics Seam Sealers, engineered to surpass Mil Spec 883, deliver high performance and high production weld after weld, on packages comprised of round, rectangular and square configurations,  metal and ceramic materials,  with specifications from .08"  to 9" packages.  . 

Projection welders can be configured with either A/C or C/D power supplies with energy output from 1000 through 12000 joules available in C/D systems.  They hermetically seal DIP packages, TO, optical, semiconductor, crystal and custom packages,  at production rates up to 2000 packages per hour.   Polaris Electronics also offers complete hermetic welding and leak test services to Mil Spec 883 standards.

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