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Ringfeder Corporation, as a member of the VBG Group, is committed to providing the highest quality products and services including the Ringfeder® keyless, shaft/hub locking devices and ancillary power transmission components. Established in 1971, Ringfeder Corporation is the market leader in keyless shaft-hub connections in North America.

Ringfeder keyless locking devices are used to attach components to shafts.Internal Locking Assemblies™ and external Shrink Discs® simplifyinstallation, alignment and timing of the mounted component. Later, maintenanceis also simplified, because the components can be removed from the shaft withrelative ease compared to more traditional mounting methods.

A large inventory of products is available either directly or through industrialdistribution channels.

In addition to the keyless locking devices, Ringfeder Corporation offers thesignature product RING-spring®, a friction spring shock absorbing devicethat dampens shock and vibration loads in heavy equipment such as punch presses,railway buffers and end stops for machinery with sliding beds. These made toorder solutions are custom designed for each application upon request.

Furthermore, Ringfeder Corporation offers a wide range of RFC products suchas torque limiting friction and ball-detent devices, RING-flex® disc couplings,flexible and rigid shaft couplings including the brand of ARCUSAFLEX® and ARCUSAFLEX®-VSK engine flywheel couplings and specialty locking devicesmade to order.

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