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Rockwell Automation - Dodge & Reliance Electric
Reliance Electric™ brand motors and drives from Rockwell Automation, you get more than just power.You get solutions that are customer-driven and engineered for your industry.Their rugged, reliable products with patented features will help lower your total cost of ownership. Plus, you get the added assurance of power plus performance from a single proven source and the established leader in the industry.

About DODGE:

For more than 100 years, DODGE brand products have helped increase productivityand profitability. By offering a complete line of DODGE mounted bearings, gearreducers, mechanical adjustable speed drives, conveyor pulleys, shaft couplings,sheaves, and bushings, they can respond quickly and effectively to their customers'industry-unique requirements.

Some of DODGE featured products include:

The DODGE GRIP TIGHT™ Adapter ball bearing features a patented pull/push adapter system that's press fit to the shaft for full concentric contact, 360 through the length of the bearing. This bearing offers a high performance solution for damage-free shafting, reduced vibration, and greater maintenance and inventory cost savings.

The DODGE TIGEAR-2™, a complete line of single-reduction, right-angleworm speed reducers, features a new totally enclosed, ventless sealing systemand a factory filled synthetic lubricant that runs cooler and eliminates theneed for routine oil changes. Its new precision manufactured gear geometryoffers dramatic improvements in torque capacity and efficiency.

About Reliance Electric:

Providing industrial and engineered motors, as well as AC and DC drives, theReliance Electric brand name ensures optimum durability and performance. Withintheir expansive manufacturing and research facilities, they have the capabilityto engineer standard, modified, or custom motors in more than one million ratings,types, styles, and sizes, ranging from fractional to 25,000 horsepower. Andthey have set the standard in the design and application of energy-efficientmotors.

Some of Reliance Electric's featured products include:

The Reliance MD65 microdrive combines high performance motor control witheasy parameter setup. This feature-rich, yet cost-effective drive offers usersan extended horsepower range in a compact package. The drive's range of performancespecifications and adjustable features meet both variable and constant torqueapplication requirements.

Reliance NEMA Premium™ efficient XE motors can reduce watt losses asmuch as 50% over standard industrial motor designs. These premium motors arefully tested for strict adherence to NEMA standards for motor efficiency. Plus,each motor's guaranteed minimum efficiency is stamped right on its nameplate – yourassurance of a predictable return on investment.

By combining Reliance® electrical and DODGE mechanical products, youcan equip your operation with a complete package for virtually any automationneed. Plus, the ever-increasing line of globally compatible products makesDODGE and Reliance components an easy fit in applications across the globe.

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