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Sauereisen, Inc.
Sauereisen’s expertise lies in two primary areas…high temperature adhesives and corrosion resistant materials of construction.

They develop and manufacture their cements and protective materials for distribution around the globe. The people who rely on them for specified solutions are product design engineers, corrosion engineers, construction contractors and, of course, end-users and facility owners.

Their Roots in Specialty Cements

The Sauereisen enterprise was established in 1899 when C. Fred Sauereisen formulated his first specialty adhesive. This inorganic cement exhibited extreme tolerance to high temperatures and was used to bond metal, ceramics and glass. It is still commercially marketed as Sauereisen Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement No. 1.

The product line grew to include many adhesives and potting compounds used for the assembly and electrical insulation of precision instruments. In time, Sauereisen Cements gained a leading reputation for their applications within heating elements, resistors, thermocouples, igniters and specialty lamps.

Today, Sauereisen’s line of high-temperature cements includes several offerings that differ by their setting mechanism, thermal expansion rates, physical properties and handling characteristics. Customization of base formulations to facilitate automated production is common.

Innovative Growth into Construction Materials

Early applications of Sauereisen products indicated a high degree of resistance to acidic environments. By modifying the filler systems, Sauereisen introduced mortars and refractory-grade materials. This led to expansion into the power, chemical processing and steel industries during the mid 20th century. Specifications for Sauereisen as a means of protecting concrete and steel from aggressive chemicals remain commonplace in such structures as flue gas ducts, process tanks, and floors.

Sauereisen expanded its technology through targeted R&D and acquisitions. In addition to historic mortars, refractories and grouts, generic product categories now encompass coatings, linings, membranes and polymer concretes. Formulations have progressed from silicates and furan to epoxy, vinyl ester and urethane.

In recent times, markets with distinct environmental requirements have driven Sauereisen’s direction in corrosion. The municipal wastewater arena is one such market. What distinguishes Sauereisen is the product diversity to recommend the most appropriate engineered system and the technical ability to service those who install it.

Products Electrical, Optical, Specialty Materials, Industrial Adhesives, Plastics, Elastomers Polymers
Address 160 Gamma Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Country United States
Telephone (412) 963-0303
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