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Scienscope International Corporation

About Scienscope International Corporation

Scienscope is a leading manufacturer of quality stereo zoom microscopes, video inspection systems, video measurement systems, measurement software, inspection software, XY linear stages, machine vision systems, x-ray systems, BGA inspection systems, optical inspection systems,  fixed magnification microscopes, compound microscopes, magnifiers, digital cameras, CCD cameras, fiber optic illuminators, ring lights, bottom lights, LED lights, fluorescent ring lights, boom stands, post stands, articulating arm stands, clamp stands, granite base inspection stands, and turnkey video inspection systems.

Scienscope is dedicated to providing the most versatile, reliable and cost-effective products for today's inspection requirements.

Products Video Cameras Accessories
Address 5751 Schaefer Avenue Chino, CA 91710
Country United States
Telephone (909) 590-7273
Fax (909) 590-7020



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Video and Imaging
Video Cameras and Accessories
Cameras, lenses, controllers, switchers, and other related equipment for image capturing and processing.
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