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Sherwin-Williams is a global producer of paints and coatings with a rich history of innovation. Their pioneering spirit continues to drive the formulation of new products that are more durable, longer lasting,easier to apply and friendlier to the environment. Their leadership in the development of high solids and waterborne technologies enables industrial coatings users to achieve compliance without sacrificing performance.

With more than 135 yearsof experience, Shermin-Williams understands the unique challenges posed bycorrosive environments, stringentperformance and safety standards,and increasing environmental regulation. Since selecting the best method forprotecting a structure from corrosion and chemical attack is rarely simple,they have an expert staff of coatings specialists ready to identify, diagnoseand solve on-site your most difficult coating challenges, backed by the industry’slargest distribution network.

Products & Services:

  • High performance coatings for all types of environments.
  • Specialized coatingsfor many applications, including tank linings, secondary containment, industrialfloors and high temperature environments.
  • Trademarked names includingARMOR-SEAL® Industrial Floor Coatings, COROTHANE® Moisture-CureUrethane Coatings, KEM® Hi-Temp Heat Resistant Coatings, and ZINC-CLAD™ ZincRich Coatings, plus many others.
  • Broad line of Express Tech® Coatingsengineered to reduce the number of coats needed, save labor or improveproductivity for owners and applicators.
  • ISO 9000 certified labsand manufacturing facilities plus advanced accelerated weather testingfor complete confidence in every coatings selection.
  • Local availability,quick delivery and competitive prices.
  • Plant corrosion surveys and specifications.
  • National Account Program forlarge buyers.
  • Professional color consulting service.
  • Fast, computerized color matching.
Sherwin-Williams is a coatingscompany with more than a century of performance and service to customers, dedicatedto serving the bridge and highway, electric utilities, engineering, food andbeverage, general industrial, marine and offshore, petrochemical, pharmaceutical,pulp and paper, rail, steel fabrication and water and waste treatment industries.
Products Industrial Adhesives, Plastics, Elastomers Polymers
Address 101 Prospect Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115
Country United States
Telephone (800) 524-5979
Fax (440) 826-1989



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Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives
Organic or inorganic chemical compound for joining components. Requires clean surface compatible with the adhesive.
Plastics, Polymers and Elastomers
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