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Cost effective, reliable bearing application solutions based on over 40 years of experience. Spyraflo offers a range of products that will solve your bearing performance, alignment and assembly challenges.

ReadyMount® Self-Clinch and Self-Align features allow their bearings to be mounted in a variety of material types and thicknesses, from 1 mm (.04 in.) upward, at the same time accommodating misaligned mounting holes due to manufacturing or assembly factors. This unique combination ensures positive installation together with smooth shaft motion with minimum start-up torque. Bearing installation is simple and secure; performance is enhanced and long lived.

Spyraflo Self-Aligning Pillow Block and Housing Flange, as well as Steel Flange-Mount bearings allow designers to use these easily installed assemblies for a wide variety of machine and system applications. The common assemblies allow the use of Needle Roller, Teflon-Bronze, Oilite-Bronze or Delrin bearing mediums.

Products Include:

  • Miniature Self-Aligning & Self-Clinching Journal Bearings
    Available in Needle Roller, Teflon Bronze, Oilite Bronze and Delrin
  • Pillow Block & Housing Flanges
    Available in Needle Roller, Teflon Bronze, and Oilite Bronze
  • Flange-Mount Bearings
    Available in Needle Roller, Teflon Bronze, Oilite Bronze, and Delrin

Spyraflo has factory trained representatives supporting customers and applications from coast to coast in the U.S.A. International sales are supported by a series of stocking distributors located around the world who are able to supply technical and product stocking support.

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Address 404 Dividend Drive PO Box 2309 Peachtree City, GA 30269
Country United States
Telephone (770) 631-9990
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