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Stork Veco International, Inc.
Stork Veco International, Inc., located in Bedford, Massachusetts, is the United States sales office for Stork Veco B.V. of the Netherlands. They are the leading manufacturing company of 2-dimensional, metal precision Products. To meet customers' specifications in a wide variety of industries, Stork Veco has developed high standards of performance in: Electroforming, Photo etching and Laser cutting.

All three technologies offer a powerful combination of flexibility and precision in manufacturing standard and custom made products to meet your individual requirements.

A wide variety of standard and custom-made products have been developed to meet customer's needs. Present and future market demands are rapidly translated into research programs. Stork Veco's research and marketing branches work closely together in shaping the future.

Both departments are constantly exploring and extending technical possibilities to find innovative solutions for new customer requests and markets.

Products Filtration Separation Products
Address 3 Loomis St. Bedford, MA 01730-2216
Country United States
Telephone (781) 275-3292
Fax (781) 275-4798



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Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling
Filtration and Separation Products
Processing equipment such as centrifuges, clarifiers, and several filter technologies used to filter or separate media of different materials or sizes.
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