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Thermo Electron, Kevex X-Ray Products
Thermo is the world leader in analytical instruments. Their instrument solutions enable their customers to make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place.

You may know them by many different names, but today, they go by Thermo Electron Corporation for laboratory, analytical, measurement and control instruments and software. One company, one name, one focus: Your success.

Thermo Electron, Kevex X-Ray Productsprovides:

Integrated X-Ray Sources and Systems
High-resolution integrated X-ray sources for the microelectronics, printed circuit boards and other industries.  Highly reliable products designed to deliver the highest quality images at the desired penetration levels.

Packaged X-Ray Tubes
Constant potential, continuous duty x-ray tubes for high resolution radiography and real time imaging, or where moderate target voltage and stable x-ray flux are required.

X-Ray Envelopes
Unpacked glass vacuum x-ray generating units.

X-Ray Source Power Supply & Controllers
X-Ray source power supplies and controllers for Thermo Electron X-ray source equipment.

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