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Ultralife Batteries, Inc.
Ultralife Batteries, Inc. was incorporated in 1991. The Company's founders, among the original pioneers of the lithium battery industry, sought to develop and commercialize new, more advanced lithium battery technologies.

Ultralife became a public company in 1992. Their shares trade under the symbolULBI on the NASDAQ Stock Market.

Ultralife, the global battery solutions specialists for diverse applications,is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of a wide range of standardas well as customized lithium primary, lithium ion and lithium polymer rechargeablebatteries. Through their range of standard products and ability to customizefor a wide range of applications, Ultralife is able to provide the next generationof battery solutions.

No other battery manufacturerproduces and markets both primary (9-Volt, HiRate® Cylindricaland Thin Cell®) lithium batteries as well as lithium ion and lithium polymerrechargeable batteries. Ultralife possesses one of the world's most variedlithium cell and battery packaging configurations, customized solutions andmanufacturing capabilities.

Their leading technology, process-engineering capabilities, manufacturing infrastructureand management strengths enable them to provide a unique breadth of solutionsin battery design, manufacturing, marketing, and delivery. Their OEM and retailcustomers include leading companies such as Energizer, Kidde Safety, PhilipsMedical Systems, Radio Shack and the defense departments of the United Statesand United Kingdom, among others.

Ultralife's headquartersand primary manufacturing and R&D facilitiesare in Newark, New York, near Rochester, with a production and R&D centerin Abingdon, England, near Oxford. Both facilities are ISO-9001/2000 certified.Ultralife also has a supply relationship with Ultralife Taiwan, Inc., locatedin Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, for lithium ion and lithium polymer rechargeablebatteries.

Ultralife is committed to total quality in their world-class manufacturing facilitiesand in 2002 received the prestigious Best Value Silver Medal award from theU.S. Defense Supply Center in Richmond, Virginia.

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Address 2000 Technology Pkwy. Newark, NY 14513
Country United States
Telephone (315) 332-7100
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