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Wholesale Batteries, Inc.
Since 1977, Wholesale Batteries has served its customers as a trusted supplier of batteries and battery related accessories. When considering battery purchases there are three reasons to call Wholesale Batteries.
  1. Large Inventory - When your needs are immediate, don't wait weeks for the factory to deliver. Give Wholesale Batteries a call. Same day service is usually available.
  2. Expert Advice - They know batteries! Wholesale Batteries knowledgeable staff can provide information on products from small Alkalines & Rechargeable Nicad & NiMH or Sealed Lead Acid to Stationary Back Up Power flooded batteries. At Wholesale Batteries they make it their mission to ensure that your application gets the right battery the first time.
  3. Quality Brands - Wholesale Batteries takes pride in supplying products that provide their customers with exceptional value. Their goal at Wholesale Batteries is to develop customers who will keep coming back. This objective has been achieved by distributing high quality brand names. Many of their customers have been with Wholesale Batteries since 1977 - the company's first year.

UPS Application * Telecommunications * Emergency Light * Medical Equipment * Business Equipment * Test Equipment * Computers
Fire & Security Systems * Auto & Commercial * Marine & RV

Products Batteries Accessories
Address 605 Kansas Ave. Kansas City, KS 66105
Country United States
Telephone (800) 886-8658
Fax (913) 342-0138



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Electrical and Electronic Components
Batteries and Accessories
Devices that convert stored energy into electrical current; the two main types are chemical batteries and physical batteries such as solar cells, nuclear energy and thermal batteries.
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