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Xenon Corporation designs and manufacturers high performance, mercury-free UV/VIS flashlamps and curing systems for applications requiring deep penetration, rapid and complete cures with low substrate temperatures. Xenon Corporation also provides UV sterilization/sanitization systems for applications that traditionally use continuous wave UV light generated from mercury lamps and others that use gamma radiation, heat and chemicals for products requiring USP sterility assurance levels.

CD & DVD Manufacturing: Pulsed UV is inherently able to provide shorter cure times for DVD bonding. High power can be delivered in a short period of time. Xenon Corporation’s RC-742 system can cure DVD-5 in 0.3 seconds. DVD-9 can be cured in 0.8 seconds.

Sterilization & Sanitization: Pulsed UV light destroys microorganisms on surfaces or through UV transmissive films with efficiencies greater than 99% in just a few seconds. Pulsed UV provides >5 Log kill in 1 second.

Medical Devices: Pulsed ultraviolet (UV) curing equipment is being recognized for outstanding integrity in the curing of lubricious coatings on guidewires and balloon catheters. The absence of heat generation in this process prevents damage to the lubricious coatings, ensuring that the guidewires that push along artery walls are of the highest quality.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: The unique properties of pulsed UV light make it an ideal technology for surface preparation. Disadvantages of existing surface pretreatment methods like plasma, flame, corona, and solvent washing are labor intensive, time consuming, damage to the adherent surface, and emission of volatile organic compounds.

Fiber Optics & Telecommunications: Pulsed UV has been used for over 10 years for bonding and coating of fiber optics.

Lamps:From the deep UV through the visible to infrared, high performance xenon flashlamps are available in both standard and custom configurations. Xenon Corporation offers a family of Tall Tower Lamps for both OEM and replacement applications

Xenon Corporation has a deserved reputation for creativity. The company works with customers to develop solutions that are completely new. Xenon Corporation engineers have solved low temperature UV curing problems for manufacturers of semiconductors, digital video discs, medical devices, cars and electronic products.

Dedication to the safety of the workplace and the quest for a superior curing technology led Xenon Corporation into the development of pulsed UV curing. Today, when one thinks of pulsed light, Xenon Corporation is first in the mind of the customer.

Xenon Corporation enjoys a reputation for superior customer service and sophisticated products that are rugged and reliable. Hundreds of end-users and OEMs worldwide count on Xenon Corporation products for longer life, greater reliability and less down time.

At Xenon Corporation, quality is considered a standard; the light sources components and systems are designed precisely to specification and are fully tested before being shipped. Answers to specific questions are always available and the company- is always ready to listen to challenges, to entertain the hard questions and then to go to work on unique solutions.

In the twenty-first century-- the Age of Light - Xenon Corporation will continue to pioneer light technology. In the Age of Light, Xenon Corporation will continue to lead.

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