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Characterizing servo motors can be a frustrating and time consuming task - but not if you have the right test equipment. Using servo motor test equipment available from Avelly, determining motor parameters and diagnosing motor and feedback sensor problems is made quick and easy.

Avelly's line of Servo Motor Analyzers simplifies and automates the entire process of measuring important servo motor parameters such as the torque constant, coulomb friction, moment of inertia and winding impedance. The 3320 series of analyzers are also capable of generating plots of torque vs. velocity and Hall effect sensor alignment. These fully integrated test systems are capable of analyzing more than 20 characteristics of permanent magnet brush and brushless DC motors. A full servo motor datasheet can be generated in a matter of minutes significantly reducing the time engineers and technicians need to validate new servo motor designs, verify specifications or diagnose motor, encoder and commutation sensor problems.

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3320A Servo Motor Analyzer
Imagine being able to generate a full servo motor datasheet with the push of a button - all in a matter of minutes. Now you can with the fully integrated 3320A Servo Motor Analyzer from Avelly.

The 3320A Servo Motor Analyzer automatically measures up to 25 brush DC and brushless DC servo motor characteristics including torque constant, back-EMF constant, inertia, friction, viscous damping coefficient, breakaway current/torque, winding resistance and inductance. The analyzer also conducts encoder and Hall effect sensor (commutation sensor) fault detection.

Need to conduct a more detailed motor, encoder or commutation sensor test? It's easily done using the analyzer's Manual Mode. View motor, encoder, and Hall effect sensor waveforms via the built-in oscilloscope. Take control of the built-in motor driver and manually control the motor velocity, voltage or current.

With the 3320A motor tester, servo motor characterization has been made quick and easy.
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B1XX Series Torque Loads
The B1XX series torque loads are fully calibrated plug-and-play accessories for the 3320 family of Servo Motor Analyzers. Coupling a torque load to the motor being tested allows you to generate torque vs. velocity plots and torque constant vs. motor current plots. The torque loads are also equipped with an encoder which the Servo Motor Analyzer can use during its test process. This allows sensorless motors (including brushless motors) to be easily tested.
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F1200 Test Fixture
The F1200 Test Fixture provides an easy way to rigidly hold a servo motor during no-load testing and as a means to connect a servo motor to a torque load during load testing.
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