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PAR3 Technology offers a full scope of engineering services that include design, analysis, manufacturing, testing and research planning.  We can be your engineering department and start projects from concept generation and take them all the way through to manufacturing. Or we can provide support to your existing engineering team or offload excess engineering work and we will help you meet your deadlines. PAR3 Technology has a system of tools that are used within an organization to quickly generate ideas and we use analysis tools to reduce prototypes and time to market.

PAR3 Technology specializes in servicing clients who have a need for high level engineering solutions.  We pride ourselves on our ability to find practical solutions for complex engineering problems.  Our engineering staff has a very diverse background of disciplines and practical experiences.  We use these backgrounds and experiences to develop a comprehensive solution to each client's engineering needs instead of just focusing on one problem area.


Product Design

Finite Element Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics




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Product Design - Pro/E, SolidWorks
Our focus is to create a solid design that can meet and exceed the criteria and expectations of our clients.  The PAR3 Engineering staff uses numerous tools which aid in creating the best engineered solution. 
-Services > Consulting (Quality and Manufacuring)
-Services > Product Design
-Services > Research and Development Engineering

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Analysis -- FEA / CFD

Analysis is crucial in proving a robust design that will last the life cycle of the product.  PAR3 has a high level of experience and competence in analytical testing.

  • Analysis Driven Design ©
    • The right tools early in the process identify issues
  • Flow modeling - CFD software (Fluent, CFdesign, CFX)
  • Structural modeling - FEA software (CosmosWorks, Ansys, Emag)
    • Structural Stress/Stain Analysis
    • Thermal Analysis
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Non-Linear Materials (Plastics, Elastomers)
    • Non-Linear Analysis (Contacts)
    • Motion Analysis
    • Fatigue
-Services > Damage Analysis
-Services > Engineering Analysis
-Services > Failure Analysis

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Determining which technologies you should focus on to keep you on the cutting edge and in front of your competitors can be a daunting task.  Let the experts at PAR3 guide you in your technology planning to keep you a step ahead of all your competition for the long term.

  • Product Research
  • Technology Planning
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Composites
  • Benchmarking Competitors
  • Tooling Support
  • Manufacturing Support
-Services > Documention
-Services > Marketing Research
-Services > Research and Development Engineering

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Real world tests can provide insight into durability and functionality before a customer ever touches your product.  PAR3 provides a wide range of bench and vehicle tests to help provide that valuable information before the customer provides it to you.

  • Broad experience in test plan development
    • Product validation
    • Materials selection
  • Experimental vibration services
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Modal analysis
  • Long term field data
    • Cellular network connected data collection
    • Automated data download and graphing
  • Experimental stress data
    • Strain gages
    • Pressure data
  • -Services > Material Testing Labs
    -Services > Regulatory Testing
    -Services > Test Development

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    Engineering Training Courses

    PAR3 offers a variety of technical on-site training courses.






    -Services > Consulting (Quality and Manufacuring)
    -Services > Manufacturing Subcontract Shops
    -Services > Training

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