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Preco, Inc. is a premier provider of solutions for material processing needs.  We are a leading designer and manufacturer of precision automated processing systems for high speed and high accuracy cutting, perforating, welding, and other specialized industrial processing applications.  With our proprietary die cutting and laser-based manufacturing capabilities, we’ve also become one of the largest contract manufacturing service (CMS) providers in North America. 

Laser cutting, welding, heat treating, scoring, marking, perforating, and drilling equiment.  Presicion die cutting machines, screen printing equipment, and conductive ink printing systems.

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SL 8000 Laser Cutting & Welding Machine

With dual beam and four beam configurations, SL8000 Laser Cutting Systems feature a fixed beam laser with a multi-axis table to provide consistent cut, accuracy and speed in sizes ranging from 50” x 98” to 60” x 120”.


  • Single or multiple head sheet metal cutting
  • Welding of heat exchanger panels
  • Welding of formed or stamped sheet metal
  • Welding of machined metal components
  • Welding of power generation turbines
  • Heat treating of components
  • Cladding of large rectangular components
  • Educational
  • Development

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    Optical Registration Die Cutting System

    Preco’s advanced optical registration die cutting systems
    improve cut-to-print accuracy, die costs and efficiency:

    • Accuracy from ±.005mm (.0002”) to ±.076mm (.003”), depending on the system and type of registration selected.
    • The only systems on the market to achieve “micron-vision” level of accuracy.
    • Precision registration without pilot holes or optical shearing.
    • Flexible optics system. Select from X, X-Y, X-Y-Ø options to assure consistent registration.
    • Total automation minimizes manual labor. Every Preco die cut system reflects our design philosophy that “the system should run the operator” - not vice versa!
    • Designed to accommodate sheet, strip or roll stock in varying widths and thicknesses.
    • Faster set-up and increased accuracy reduces waste, saves time and materials.
    • Job memory storage facilitates automatic set-up for repeat orders.
    • Compensate for off-centered artwork, skew and variations in printed material due to drying or screen strength.
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    MTS-3024 Screen Printing System

    Preco's MTS-3024 series printer features the patented AutoCentric™ moving table system and Vantage™ x-y-theta method of image registration. This combination encourages the most dimensionally stable and accurate printing process available for making electronics components such as:

    • Membrane Switches
    • Disposable biosensors
    • RFID antennas, interposers
    • Displays (bistable, electro-luminescent (EL), etc.
    • Flexible circuits
    • Graphic overlays & automotive clusters
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