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Turbine Efficiency Limited, or TEL as it's known, is a firmly established provider of services for light industrial gas turbines. Our capabilities cover the entire life-cycle of gas turbines and focus on every aspect of equipment supply and servicing with sharp emphasis on cost-effectiveness.

Since our formation in 2000 we have specialised particularly in the maintenance of the Ruston range of industrial gas turbines – the Tornado, Typhoon and TB power units. Our highly-qualified team of skilled personnel in the UK, plus our wholly-owned subsidiary in South America, together deliver matchless customer value, reliability, cost-effectiveness and quality.

Benefits of working with TEL

We provide an extensive range of gas turbine services, pro-actively meeting customers’ needs right across the life cycle of the power unit.

Our expertise in water injection systems, for example, is delivering clear efficiency and environmental benefits at several of our customers’ sites. The system demineralises water and injects it into the gas turbine in proportion to the fuel flow during normal load operation running on gas, very effectively cutting emissions of nitrous oxides (NOx).

TEL – your route to higher, greener efficiencies

We at TEL can handle the full scope of repair to the Ruston range of gas turbines in our new Turbine Support Facility, opened in March 2007.

Here we provide a long list of preventative maintenance services to help cut your repair costs and increase the efficiency of your gas turbine units.

Our workshop handles whole engines, gearboxes, control systems, water injection build facilities, borescope equipment, remote monitoring systems and equipment for balancing, electronic measurement and gearbox tooth analysis. Besides complete overhauls of Tornado, Typhoon and TB range gas turbines we provide a complete controls retrofit package, tailored specifically for these Ruston units.

TEL: our background

Currently we hold more than £1 million-worth of spare parts. We own complete turbines, generators and control systems that are available for lease and for sale. We have the capability to offer and source spare parts from our dedicated spares department and you can join our spare-parts community and list your spares available for sale.

With more than 120 years of combined knowledge and experience we provide proven skills across the whole range of industrial gas turbines, including emissions reduction problem-solving and implementation.

TEL: your team for handling the challenges of a greener and more competitive future.


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Water Injection
Process Overview of Overall System

This system is designed to convey de-ionised water from the site supply and to inject the water into the gas turbine, in proportion to the gas turbine fuel flow, during normal load operation on gas fuel. The injection of water reduces the emission of oxides of nitrogen from the gas turbine exhaust in order to meet atmospheric pollution regulations. The water system is switched off during all operation on diesel fuel and is also switched off during starting and part load operations on gas fuel.

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