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T2W is the exporter and manufacturer for mini speaker(iPod speaker, Bluetooth speaker, computer speaker, MP3 Speaker, radio speaker, phone speaker),
Solar charger, FM Transmitter( car Transmitter, mobile transmitter, USB transmitter), Bluetooth( stereo, dongle, mono, car kits)

We also wholesale for car DVD, Digital products, meanwhile, we provide sourcing, trading and researching products according to customer demand.

Products Self investment and manufacture items:


Mini speaker: Bluetooth Speaker,iPod Speaker, MP3&MP4 speaker,Computer speaker, Phone Speaker, Radio Speaker etc.


Bluetooth : Bluetooth Stereo, Bluetooth Dongle, Bluetooth Mono, Bluetooth Car Kits


FM Transmitter: in different usuage.


Solar charger: in high capacity.



Directly wholesale items:


Car DVD: in different models.


Digital Photo Frame : in different size and models.


Digital voice recorder



Trading and sourcing items:


Electronic Calender &Radio & Penholder&Calculator




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Computer mini speaker T2W-188

Technical Features:

  • Power:AC220V/50Hz/USBPower
  • Technical Features:

    • Power:AC220V/50Hz/USBPower
    • Power adaptor Cord:(6V.300-800MA)
    • Output Power:2Wx2(1KHz 10% THD)
    • Frequency Response:150Hz-18KHz
    • Trumpet:2Inchx3Wx2(4Ω)
    • Audio Frequency Input Plug:1.2M
    Power adaptor Cord:(6V.300-800MA)
  • Output Power:2Wx2(1KHz 10% THD)
  • Frequency Response:150Hz-18KHz
  • Trumpet:2Inchx3Wx2(4Ω)
  • Audio Frequency Input Plug:1.2M
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MP3/MP4 Speaker T2W-S20

Basic features:

  • Portable and super smart;
  • Lithium battery ;     
  • input Computer/MP3 etc.      
  • 1 Speaker,  Loud voice.   
  • suitable for MP3/MP4,Laptop and other devices.    

Products review and purchasing suggestion:

  • For this product the special point is it's appearance as you see.
  • this product is popular among students,children,travellers,business man with a super smart design, very conveniently to take out at your pleasure.
  • with 1 lithium battery and 1 speakers so the voice is cover your demand
  • if you don't want to take big and expensive audio,this product will be your first choice.
  • we suggest the businessman who has shop or webstore near the schools or university to take such super mini sound box, it will bring extra profits for your business.
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iPod speaker T2W-508

Technical features:    

  • frequency: 0HZ-18KHZ  
  • impedance:  8Ω    
  • nice voice system,fashionable style,suitable for MP3/MP4,Also can 
    charge the iPod when ipod play music.using 4 speakers, stereo 
  • voice and portable.  
  • transformer: DC (AAAAAX4 Dry batter)    
  • standard dry battery working time : above 25 hours 
-Industrial Computers and Components > Peripherals

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Solar charger

Technical features:

  • Peak value power of solar energy battery panel:1.5w
  • Voltage of solar energy battery panel:5.5V
  • Input interface: DC interface
  • Output interface: USB interface
  • Capacity of lithium ion battery:3600mAh
  • Output voltage: 4.2V,5.5V,8.4V,9V
  • Output power: 3w
  • Charge current to the battery: 500mA
  • Charge time: 8-12hrs(irradiance:100mW/C㎡) 3-4hrs(charger)
  • our charger has double voltage protection and temperature protection.
  • There is voltage protection, over current protection, shortcut protection of discharge.
  • Realize intellectual voltage adjustment through MCU control, stable output power
  • Color of led light: red, orange, green indicates different capacity
  • LED separately indicates different voltage gear.
  • Light: LED light


  • Export Carton: 20pc/CTN
  • Export Carton Size: 41x32x34.5cm
  • G.W/CTN: 11.026KG
  • N.W/CTN: 6.566KG
  • Standard product packing: Solar energy charger,Assembly kits,package box, eight kits, 1 AC Charger,1 USB insert.
  • Product dimension: 14.28x9.77x3.59CM
  • Product N.W: 0.33KG
  • Product G.W: 0.53KG
-Industrial Computers and Components > Peripherals

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Solar Charger T2W-688

Specification of the 688 solar charger:

  • This solar charger uses intelligent control technology.collection: 
    fast-charge、square-wave,top-off qualification is integrative.
    Only three minutes recharge can provide you to charge mobile phone.
  • Solar cell power:5V/300MA.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery: 3.7V/ 1400mAH.
  • Output voltage:5.7v/350—600 mAH.
  • Charging time for the mobile phone:2-3 hours.
  • Charging time for the lithium battery inside using the solar cell:5-6 hours.
  • Charging time for the lithium battery inside using the AC—DC charger:2-3 hours.
  • LED light for night use.Lighting time of the flashlight:It’s more than 80 hours.
  • Recharge Circuit to allow Battery to be Recharged using Mains Adaptor.
  • Size: 120×85.5×19.5 mm
-Industrial Computers and Components > Peripherals

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