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Deep Recycling Industries
Deep Recycling Industries (DRI), is 100% Export Oriented Unit, established in the year 2002 by ‘VIKAS’ group and engaged in manufacturing wide range of brass components and fittings as per customer specifications / requirements.
Products electrical accessories, pneumatics parts, energy meter parts, temperature sensor, cable glands, marine gland, automotive parts, Brass fasteners, precision turned components, Brass and Electrical Accessories, Brass Hardware, Sanitary Fittings, Wiring Accessories and Components , brass anchors, wedge anchor, concrete anchor, brass inserts, brass bolts, brass washers, brass screws, brass nuts, machine screws and self tapping screws, and general brass components
Contact Tarun Dobariya
Address Plot No. 773, Phase-II, G.I.D.C.,
Country India
Telephone 00912882730358
Fax 00912882730358
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Brass Connectors
all types of electrical connectors
-Electrical and Electronic Components > Connectors
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brass components

find various fasteners on our site.

-Mechanical Components > Couplings, Collars and Joints
-Mechanical Components > Fasteners and Hardware
-Mechanical Components > Screws, Bolts and Nuts

Related Product Categories
Electrical and Electronic Components
Components used to conduct and transfer signals (electrical, optical, rf, etc.) or power from one cable to another.
Mechanical Components
Couplings, Collars and Joints
Mechanical shaft-mounting components for transmitting motion between two shafts, locking or locating components, or as mechanical stops.
Fasteners and Hardware
Components used to fasten or secure one part to another, such as screws, rivets, bolts, nuts, and clips.
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